What we can give you?

Our services are in alignment with our foundational values of responsibility, love, and care. We do not offer anything without them!

For newborns to 7-year old children

We believe that when these days, newborns themselves are so hyper that they can grasp and understand things just by looking. Just as a picture is equivalent to a thousand words, observing and hearing is equal to learning quickly.

Learning by observing and hearing is ideal when a parent is reading a fairy tale or a moral story. Do you remember Baby’s Day Out movie? Well, this is why we believe in reading books loudly to kids. After all, books are our best friends! Without much efforts, your child can grasp quickly and apply the same in need. It also results in developing the various types of skills right from infanthood. We take special are in categorizing the books for kids as per their age.

Having funny games & moral tales

All fun and no play results in a dull child. This is something that we will never allow to happen for any child on this planet. So, we strive to choose books that can balance both in the most interesting manner.

The books that we choose for kids of different ages not only tell interesting moral stories but also persuade the little ones to play and develop their skills inherently. By inserting funny games, real-life drawings, and comic coloring pics at the end or in between the pages, kids are bound to stay engaged and focused on different productive twists and learning points. There is no bound to the fun your kids can have with you through these books! Above all, you spend some more valuable time with your kids!

From experienced authors

Our service to families with kids is transparent and relevant. You can make this out when you see that the books you get from us are of prominent authors whose previously written books are already popular. Picking just any book meant for kids is not in the scope of our service.

Our team focuses more on picking books for kids, which are written by authors having experience in writing for kids. It also simultaneously considers the opinions or suggestions of parents as well as grandparents in choosing the books that are in high demand. Further, the team uses its own experience and expertise in expanding the books collection.

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