We hire the kid-friendly nature!

Stephanie Mallory

The Founder

Being the founder, she is proud to dedicate myself to this wonderful program of kids. It is actually the best program of her life too, as it has enabled her to help countless families.

Stephanie takes pride in not only making the families aware of these programs but also in convincing them to be a part of one such relationship-boosting event. In this era when families are splitting apart, she considers this venture as a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds for lifetime. Nothing stops her to work in this direction, proceed with any mutually-profitable action, and remove any anti-progress hurdle.

Her Experience

Before being the founder, Stephanie was a house wife. However, she was unlike other house wives in the sense that she incessantly attended different events dedicated to kids’ upbringing, including workshops and seminars. After going through some research, she decided to come up with this program. Following are her pros:

  • Game changer
  • Family-friendly initiatives
  • Problem solver
  • Strategic thinker
Looking forward for your support in every possible way and at any productive time

Judy Boyd

The Consultant

Consulting, according to Judy, is much more sitting and schussing matters. For her, it involves discussing, asking, assessing, and showing the right way to the other party.

Judy perceives consulting as a powerful tool to resolve any problem or remove any confusion or suspicion. After all, only consulting is a reliable tool that can bring out what one has in the mind, provided the consultant is a broad-visioned and a noble person.

Her Experience

Judy has an established career in the field of consulting parents, kids, teens, and teachers. She has been into this field since more than 10 years. Thus, the founder chose her to be a consultant even for this program. Following are her pros:

  • Amicable treatment
  • Convincing ability
  • Thought provoker
  • Patient listener
Opening the door of different viewpoints for a positive approach to living a literate life

Jennie Stuart

A Professional Baby Reader

For Jennie, baby sitting is just not sitting with a baby. It is an opportunity to grow up with the baby by learning how to smile and be honest in life

Jennie takes pride in spending her whole day with babies and kids through games and prop-based outdoor activities. She strongly believes that this is the best way to relieve stress, recall how to restore your smile, and reinforce the ethics and values in you.

Her Experience

Jennie has an established career in the field of babysitting. She has been into this field for more than 15 years. Thus, the founder chose her to be an integral part of this program. Following are her pros:

  • Kids psychology expert
  • Parent psychology expert
  • Problem solver (kids as source)
  • Versatile manager
Rising now from a baby sitter to a kid educator through this program

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