Know about us

Why We Are Here?

We are here to serve kids and families in a unique way after out founder and few team members went through a research done in the year 2012. Performed by The Urban Child Institute, this research concluded that kids who listen to books or go through the books of their age gain meaningful lasting benefits as compared to those who do not. These kids have a 10% higher score for reading readiness when they are about to join kindergarten and enjoy more learning support at home.

Upon learning this, we realize to start a unique family-friendly program, Books from Birth, through which books could be sourced from the local libraries. This program facilitates a boost to kindergarten readiness. Apart from that, it fortifies family bonds in the region by offering age-appropriate books to kids within the age group of one to seven.

The underlying notion here is to offer families with all the resources required as early as possible for allowing their child to succeed in school as well as in their life. No conditions or terms or clauses are levied for anyone. Parents are also not required to give any money for the books received or to participate in the program.

Our Vision and Mission

The passion to start a family-friendly program helped us in defining the vision and mission. Our vision is to yield lasting positive outcomes for kids as well as parents such that they end up developing and sustaining a friendly bond between them throughout their lives. While the short-term vision is to strengthen literacy, the long-term vision is to fortify family relations.

We strongly believe that the short-term literacy connections will inspire cherishing bonds between parents and kids. This, in turn, will yield optimal outcomes for them. To fulfill this vision, our mission is to reach to all families with kids, make them aware of such programs, and get them on that pathway of nurturing bonds.

It is also our mission to make such programs affordable. While our program is a no-cost offer to kids who do no pay anything for the books, an annual cost of $30 per child is there to cover the expenses of modest administration. However, only 50% of this cost is sponsored. Thus, $15 is to be paid! We are striving hard to reduce this cost further.

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