Responsibility, Love, and Care

We show these towards both the family and the child. They are essential to make your child not only literate but also knowledgeable enough to live a life of his or her choice.

We rely only on the most qualified and highly trained volunteering professionals

Our team is our strength and reason for our sustenance to keep providing the best books to children. They keep enlightening both parents and kids.

Jennifer Lee

5 years with babies

She is a professional baby sitter and a member of advisory council made for making kids’ books available.

Sara Wright

over 7 years in the profession

She is the Parent Bonding Officer (PBO) who interacts with parents for giving satisfactory answers in person.

Alice Boyd

5 years working with the youngest

She is an experienced consulting officer who is giving consulting services to parents and families.

Linda Stewart

over 10 years in the profession

She is the founder of this program and wishes to spread the same to each kid.

We Are Child and Book Lovers

Our love for kids and books has no bounds. In other words, we struggle to gather the best books for kids so that they too learn the essential virtues to make their living peaceful and stress-free.

At the same, we also strive our best to make parents the major role players in this process of intellectual development!

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How To Choose The Right Vape Juice?

If you have an e-cigarette, you do understand the need of having vaping juices. Initially, you may get a free one along with your e-cigarette but it will need refilling. Your e-cigarette requires charging but it’s most important need is the flavor. If you do not have the right flavor, there is no point in using the e-cigarette. Nonetheless, there is a wide range of vaping juices available. You can check the wide range of vape juice available at


Before purchasing the e-liquid, you will need to consider a few things which are discussed as follow:


You need to consider the flavor of the e-liquid. Before considering the other factors like nicotine, PG or VG, and vaporizer production, you will need to look for the flavor of the e-liquid. The advantage of using these liquids is that they have a lot of flavors ranging from fruity to food and cocktails with a mix of tobacco in them. To have a feeling as if you are smoking a cigarette, you can get the tobacco flavor with nicotine in it.

There are several flavors from which you can choose such as fruit and food. The ones in the food flavor include wafer, pizza or cake while the ones in fruity flavor include mango, watermelon, and grape. Also, you can mix the fruity and food flavor to enhance the taste. Alcohol flavors like that of beer, brandy, and wine is an option too.

Nicotine level

After you have decided the flavor, you need to look upon the level of nicotine. There are 3 different levels of nicotine in these flavors. These include:

  • People, who like to smoke light flavors usually prefer having low levels of nicotine which includes nicotine strength below 6mg.
  • People, who smoke on an average basis, usually prefer to have nicotine strength from 9 mg to 16mg.
  • The higher level of nicotine is the option for people who are massive chain smokers. The range of nicotine usually comprises of 18mg to 36mg.

You should prefer having the right level of nicotine because less nicotine will require you to vape more if you are chain smokers. However, excessive vaping can cause you headaches.

PG and VG

The important part of a vape juice is the concentration of Propylene glycol (PG) or Vegetable glycerol (VG). One might even look for the combination of both. PG helps to get the flavor but vapor concentration isn’t up to the mark. VG has a sweet flavor but the vapor produced is massive.

Due to the vape quality difference, manufacturers usually produce either the all-PG base or all-VG base. Some choose to make up a combination of both in a different ratio. The normal ratio is usually considered to be 40:60 (PG to VG). This not only enhances the taste but also brings out the flavor.

It is important to take into consideration all the factors before purchasing an e-liquid. Since you will be using it, you should check for how long it will last.